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The Vendée and its local gastronomy

You wanted a culinary trip to discover new things? Then you have chosen the right destination. The most gourmet among you will appreciate the Vendée for its many recognized specialties. Small overview.

brioche vendeenne

The bakery specialties of the Vendée

We start with breakfast and what better way to start a new day with a full stomach in your vacation rental at the campsite. The local bakeries will be delighted to let you taste the traditional Vendée brioche, which can be eaten plain, with butter or with jam…a delight. Some will prefer the famous gâche, smoother and denser due to the fresh cream present in its secret recipe. We don’t tell you more, professional secret….

It is obviously THE moment so much awaited for any holidaymaker who respects himself, the time of the aperitif in camping. For this, the Vendée people have invented a perfect recipe to share a real moment of delight with your loved ones. This bread roll, which is called ” Préfou ” here, is garnished with fresh garlic and salted butter. To be eaten hot, just out of the oven and crispy. We leave it up to you to choose the accompanying drink.

We take you to the land side!

  • Vendée ham: this ham is rubbed with dry salt (from the Vendée region, of course) and then sprinkled with brandy, wine and natural spices and aromatics! Ideal for your aperitifs or to accompany your melon or a small cold meal of the summer.
  • Mogette: a large, ingot-shaped bean that generally accompanies cooked Vendée ham. The mogette (can also be written mojette) can also be eaten plain with a little butter.
  • Noirmoutier potatoes: several varieties grow peacefully on the island, taking advantage of the mild climate and the salty air. We find the Bonnotte, the Sirtema, the Lady Crist’L, the Roseval and the Charlotte, which you will appreciate for their sweet taste with a hazelnut flavor.

See you in the unknown sea!

The Vendée is renowned for being a coastal destination par excellence thanks to its many fine sandy beaches, fishing ports and marinas. The seafood is obviously the star of the area. We have selected some of them for you:

  • Bouchot mussels : coming directly from Aiguillon-sur-Mer, these small mussels are nevertheless well filled, raised on oak stakes planted under water.
  • The Vendée Atlantique oyster: hollow and iodized, it can be eaten raw or cooked according to your preferences. With a little drizzle of lemon or vinegar, or hot, its firm and crunchy flesh will delight your taste buds.
  • The Sardine: the town of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie has obtained the red label for its sardines. They can be eaten fresh, canned and cooked in many ways, according to your taste.
  • The sand sole : small flat fish with an ovoid shape, it is a rare species that lives off the coast of the Vendée.

The salt marshes – The white gold of the Vendée

Salt making is one of the oldest specialties of the Vendée. From May to September, it is harvested on the island of Noirmoutier, in Sables d’Olonne near the campsite La Baie de Cayola. You can discover the salt flats by boat for a total immersion.

Today there are different types of salt such as coarse salt, flower of salt but also “aromatic” salts: with Provencal herbs, garlic and parsley, basil, seaweed and many others, …

salt marsh

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